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Who We Are




What is 20SomethingReads.comIt’s created for readers in their twenties, which we define as, “A decade. A state of mind. An age. A lifestyle. A time for self-discovery. A new perspective. An attitude. A philosophy. Independence. Freedom. A time to re-discover reading for pleasure --- and FINALLY read what you want.” will be where readers, writers, booksellers, librarians and twentysomething bibliophiles share the books they're reading and the books they suggest you read as well. Before you come into your twenties most reading was by assignment for school with short stints for reading for pleasure, thus this is a time to broaden reading horizons and discover and explore books in a whole new way. (By the way, we see 20-something as a state of mind; you don't have to be in your 20s to visit this site!) 

Why Twentysomethings were the one demographic audience who we were not reaching on the Network with our and websites. And as many of our staffers are twentysomething we have had fun through the years seeing them enjoy the excitement of talking about books and authors in new ways.  Also, Carol Fitzgerald who founded spent 17 years at Conde Nast at Mademoiselle magazine whose core audience was twentysomethings and she’s always wanted to get back to talking to this audience.

After almost two years of planning, we are excited to share with all of you. By the way, it was no accident that we are launching on February 29th. We know that date comes once every four years and our plan is that this site stays forever young!