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The Evolution of Claire (Jurassic World)


The Evolution of Claire (Jurassic World)

Tess Sharpe’s novel, THE EVOLUTION OF CLAIRE, is set in a pre-Jurassic World where the Claire we met in 2015’s cinema release is interning at the immerging theme park before its grand opening. The novel starts out with a 19-year-old Claire, fresh out of her first year of college. We are introduced to a young, ambitious and introverted Claire who has a future-facing outlook into the political spectrum. Being that she’s a huge animal rights advocate, she wants to fight from within the system. She plans on creating legislature that will protect and save animals. She is very compassionate and shows that she has leadership skills that will help her on becoming the head of the park later on.

We are first introduced to Claire as she’s leaving her first year of college for home. She has applied for various internships but is only hopeful about one of them. At the same time, troubles at home between her parents begin to give her mixed feelings about going away from home again. Still, her ambition and hunger for adventure are answered by the acceptance into the “Bright Minds” internship. The internship is at the developing Jurassic World --- but little does she know, it’s where her future lies.

"What I really enjoyed about THE EVOLUTION OF CLAIRE is the new lore it has brought into the Jurassic fandom....a must-read for any Jurassic fan."

Being on Isla Nublar quickly introduces her to new friendships with her fellow interns. She falls in love with the prehistoric giants of the past and also begins to fall for a certain intern, Justin. But Claire soon discovers a mystery from an unlikely source in the awful Wyatt, which begins to cloud her otherwise positive internship. Claire begins to investigate and the mystery starts to unravel as a possible conspiracy that is being covered up by Masrani Corp. Claire stops at nothing to discover the truth --- even if her internship and future are put in jeopardy.

I’m a huge fan of the Jurassic Park/Jurassic World fandom and a very well-known and active member of the fandom community. When it was announced that there would be a new novel based in the Jurassic universe, I was very excited to get my hands on it. We haven’t had a new novel or story outside the films since the Jurassic Park 3 Adventures series of books. The fact that THE EVOLUTION OF CLAIRE is based on the main protagonist of the new trilogy was an exciting prospect. I was very curious about how the book would tie into the films. When we first meet Claire in Jurassic World, she is a very stoic and rigid character. Claire is all business and no play, and I always wondered why she was that way. In THE EVOLUTION OF CLAIRE, we begin to understand the journey she went through to transition into the Claire Dearing who was in charge of Jurassic World. The book also explains her complete 180 degree character shift in Fallen Kingdom. The book fills in the gaps in the (DNA) missing history of who Claire has always been, both before and after Jurassic World.

What I really enjoyed about THE EVOLUTION OF CLAIRE is the new lore it has brought into the Jurassic fandom, especially the explanations for how the dinosaurs were exported from Isla Sorna onto Nublar for the new park and the names given to the dinosaurs by trainers and caretakers (for example, Lovelace the triceratops or Pearl the playful Brachiosaurus). I absolutely loved the insight into the very beginnings of the park that would become Jurassic World. The main characters, Claire and Justin, are very relatable teen protagonists who I enjoyed reading about in their respective and combined story arcs. My absolute favorite part --- which had me literally yell “YES” out loud --- is that the name of the original T-rex, REXY, is now canon. Fans have debated for a while about whether or not her name was indeed Rexy or Roberta. All of this has added even more depth and story elements to my favorite fandom, which made me love THE EVOLUTION OF CLAIRE.

What I didn’t like about this novel, is not so much the story itself but Claire’s characterization. If Jurassic World the film didn’t exist, I would believe more in her character and her journey. Her complete change between films was so drastic that this novel was produced basically to explain the change. If you don’t read it this book, you’re completely left not believing her change in the new film. So my one complaint is not really a negative for the narrative but more so on where it fits in the Jurassic universe.

Overall, THE EVOLUTION OF CLAIRE is a must-read for any Jurassic fan. It brings new lore and great new characters into our expanding universe. The story and conspiracy will keep you intrigued while imagining the gorgeous settings on the island. The way Tess Sharpe writes up the dinosaurs with such beauty and mystique is magnificent. It will help you understand the Claire we see in Jurassic World and why she is the way she is. When you watch Fallen Kingdom, this book helps with accepting the very changed character you see in the film.

Reviewed by Nelio Bugallo on July 11, 2018

The Evolution of Claire (Jurassic World)
by Tess Sharpe