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Daughter of the Pirate King


Daughter of the Pirate King

The comparison to Jack Sparrow does not go undeserved with Tricia Levenseller’s debut young adult historical fantasy novel, DAUGHTER OF THE PIRATE KING. This novel follows Alosa, the Pirate Princess, on her journey to carry out one of her father’s missions. In order to do that she must play the part of a prisoner in an enemy ship. Unfortunately for her, the first mate, Riden, seems to carry just as much fire as her and will stop at nothing until he figures out what she is hiding.

"I cannot emphasize enough how much fun I had reading this novel. It took you to another place in time and Alosa was such an entertaining person to follow."

If it is a pirate adventure you are looking for, a pirate adventure you are to receive. Levenseller doesn’t fail to deliver a fast-paced novel starting from page one. It is an easy flowing read, so you can barely even notice as the pages turn. Alosa’s attitude is as feisty as anyone would imagine pirates to be. She is not afraid to go after whatever she wants, not caring if she has to take down a few people on her way to do so. Yet her hard exterior crumbles down whenever she talks about her crew. Levenseller does an amazing job at characterization. She gives enough to satisfy us but also leaves holes to keep us at the edge of our seats eagerly waiting for the next book.

Riden’s character was by far the most interesting character. More so, his relationship with his brother. While we are given Alosa’s perspective on the fearsome Captain Draxen, we also know that Riden would give up his life for his brother. Readers can look forward to interesting storylines along with the complex characters. Levenseller gives hints and clues all throughout the novel and it was really fun making guesses about what was going to happen. Sometimes I was right and other times I wasn’t, but the story was its own treasure map. The predictability of the book might not appeal to everyone, and at first it really did annoy me, but in the end, the pirate adventure won me out.

I cannot emphasize enough how much fun I had reading this novel. It took you to another place in time and Alosa was such an entertaining person to follow. Of course, this was Levenseller's first novel, and there were times where I found myself really frustrated because how much she was telling the reader straight up the bat. It would have been nicer to slowly get to know Alosa since she put a hard face on for everyone else. I would have liked to find even more clues about her past other than what the author straightforwardly wrote. There were also times where Levenseller overstates what happens. I would understand if she was trying to put a certain emphasis on any action or dialogue but in the end, it didn't seem to be going anywhere. She characterizes Riden and Draxon differently and then tells us through Alosa that they operate differently. This was all very frustrating in the beginning, but once you get used to it, it's very easy to look past it and really enjoy the story, because it was a really fun story. 

The novel also shows us the cruelness that comes along with the pirate life. There are deaths and dangerous schemes, but also adventure. In DAUGHTER OF THE PIRATE KING, this all happens while having the main pirate be a female! A female captain with a mostly female crew who can outwit and outfight any other pirate ship that crosses them? I’d really like Jack Sparrow to beat that.

Reviewed by Sabina Z., Teen Board Member on April 28, 2017

Daughter of the Pirate King
by Tricia Levenseller