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YA Books for 20Somethings

YA --- or Young Adult Books --- used to be read by a really narrow group of readers --- teens. But in recent years, YA has become one of the hottest genres being published. Sure, you know the phenomenons of TWILIGHT and THE HUNGER GAMES, but beyond these blockbusters are shelves and shelves of titles with tight, imaginative plots, crisp writing and memorable characters. While we are enamored with the strong writing and voices in these books, perhaps some of the appeal is a yearning to return to our adolescence --- albeit with a lot more smarts and experience!

Sara Ingle, a student at Fordham University recently pulled together a list of great Young Adult books that should be on your radar, that we think you will love. See her suggestions below, broken down into four categories: Fantasy, Modern Fantasy, Dystopia and Romance. 


Curated by Sara Ingle


Modern Fantasy