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Vive la France!

When we think about France, the first thing that comes to mind --- maybe after berets and fries and the Eiffel Tower --- is really stunning literature. Let’s face it, the French have a certain je ne sais quoi that seems to have eluded the rest of us. Et voilà, in célébration of all things français, we’ve put together a bookshelf of some of our favorite French works. The top shelf is a culinary concoction, because no roundup would be complete without le food. Below it, we’re featuring nonfiction and autobiographies, because we’re pretty sure the French invented the memoir (don’t look it up). And, of course, we have fiction --- either written by French authors or authors whose hearts overflow(ed) with love for the country, like the water of the Seine in 1910. Take a look at our crème de la crème of French literature --- and make sure not to mix up your Madelines and madeleines. As Proust would say: Ouiiiiiii!

Curated by The Book Report Network