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Spring Cleaning 2015

Every year spring rolls around, and while it’s only a few short weeks before the summer heat hits, it’s a time to come out of hibernation and get ourselves and our lives prepared for the warm months. So many households take part in the yearly "tradition" of spring cleaning, and it's no different for us at The Book Report Network. To get ready for this serious undertaking (read: lifestyle overhaul), we curated a 10-book collection of necessary titles to get you in the mood, just in case the longer days and glorious sunshine haven't already motivated you to get your home prepped for summer entertaining.

We included a classic Martha Stewart --- goddess of all things domestic --- title, as well as the increasingly popular book by Marie Kondo, THE LIFE-CHANGING MAGIC OF TIDYING UP. We're Stewart stalwarts over here; we haven't adopted the famous KonMari method quite yet, although we hear so many wonderful things about it. From adopting organic, green-clean techniques to understanding the philosophy behind minimalistic living, there are a variety of useful tips to be found in the books below. Take a gander and you might just find yourself living and breathing in a cleaner, brighter and happier world.

Curated by The Book Report Network