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Nonfiction Discussion Titles to Explore

Nonfiction books are certainly a varied lot, despite being wedded to some version of the truth. Long gone are the days when nonfiction was associated with a lack of imagination --- these books are every bit as riveting (and in some cases, fantastical) as the best fiction out there. Stranger than fiction is right! In our experience, nonfiction books also lend themselves to excellent book group conversation, whether because of their relevance, their larger-than-life storylines or just their essential relatability. Below, we've selected 20 books that run the nonfiction gamut --- from essays to memoirs to history to literary criticism, we've got 'em all. Most of the books have guides, which you can find by clicking on their covers. If no guide is available and you'd still like to discuss the book, we encourage you to click here where we have suggested questions in multiple genres. Here's to great nonfiction and great group discussions!

Curated by The Book Report Network