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Book Club Books for 20Somethings

When you are twentysomething it's a great time to start a book group. We've assembled 20 books that would be perfect for discussions. Something to note as you contemplate a book group selection: while many books are wonderful to read; not all are enable great book discussion. You want a book that you can talk about, argue about, agree with, disagree with, like enough to finish, but not necessarily all agree on so a  good discussion ensues.

Wondering how to start a book group?  Start slow and small. This is not the time to be overly ambitious. Find some friends who you know like to read and see if they want to give it a whirl. Set a date for a first gathering, select a meeting location and time. Then peruse our list to see if we have anything you what to read. Like the experience? Then try another book. Let us know how it goes!

Curated by Miriam Tuliao