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Riding the New Wave of K-Lit: Korean Books are Hot Around the World!

When we think of Korea, many of us think about Psy doing his Gangnam Style dance or the lunatic leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-il. Neither represents what South Korea is about. Korean literature helps us understand and learn about Korea, and today it is regarded as the most exciting new literary discovery since Stieg Larsson made Swedish books popular with THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO. Many great Korean writers are being translated into English and published now, so we can finally read them. We are inviting you for the first time to discover the wonder and brilliance of K-Lit before many of these great books are celebrated, awarded and highlighted during one of the most important book fairs in the world: the 2014 London Book Fair, which takes place from April 8-10.

It's Korea's time on the world stage! It started with the publication of Kyung-sook Shin's masterpiece, PLEASE LOOK AFTER MOM, when readers all over the world discovered it. Shin was the first Korean and first woman to become a New York Times bestseller and also win the prestigious 2011 Man Asian Prize. Shin opened the doors, windows and ceilings to all other Korean authors, and everyone in the world loved the book so much and are excited to read her new novel, I'LL BE RIGHT THERE. Readers wanted more Korean books, and the good news is that there are plenty to choose from! We have compiled a list of the most exciting and famous Korean authors for you to discover, as well as suggestions for nonfiction books and titles by others about Korea. There is a wide variety to choose from: literary fiction, thrillers, commercial women's fiction, cookbooks, memoirs, history, humor, and classic fables for children of all ages. The scope of the storytelling will surely surprise and delight you. Marilyn Monroe entertained the US troops in Korea during the war, and Korea is today the most important US ally in Asia. They are our best friends! Let's get to know Koreans...and there's no better way to start  than by reading their books. Enjoy!

Curated by Barbara J Zitwer

Books Written by Korean Authors


Korean-themed Books
Korean-themed Books Written by American Authors