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Graphic Novel Picks for Spring 2015

Tired of a winter that froze your fingers when you turned a page to read? We are too. As we look forward to spring, we've put together 20 of the titles that we're most looking forward to reading.

This season brings a little bit of something new mixed with old favorites --- retrospectives of the work of Jules Feiffer, Bill Watterson and a slew of Drawn and Quarterly creators sit on our shelf next to Wonder Woman's first digital excursion and the collected short graphic fiction of rising star illustrator Nate Powell. You'll find bugs that talk, cats that talk and...well, honestly, there are a lot of animals that talk on this list. But that's not all. Philosophy and computer history mix with adaptations of Greek myth and weird fiction and cosmic horror. Take a look, and enjoy some of the best of what this season has to offer.

Curated by John Maher