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Spring Cookbooks 2015

Spring means warmer temperatures, more hours of daylight, and, for all of you who like to cook at home, it heralds a new selection of spring fruits and vegetables at your local grocery store. From artichokes, watercress and radishes, to rhubarb, strawberries and apricots, there are so many tasty (and colorful) ingredients to work with. Many of the chefs --- whose new work we’re featuring here --- highlight innovative ways to use this season's plentiful bounty.

April Bloomfield's A GIRL AND HER GREENS and Steven Satterfield's ROOT TO LEAF contain a plethora of recipes for both omnivore and herbivores alike, looking to spice up their typical vegetable routine. Those with undeniable sweet teeth looking to making healthier choices can find inspiration and unique tips in Erin McKenna's BREAD & BUTTER: Gluten-Free Vegan Recipes to Fill Your Bread Basket and Joanne Chang's BAKING WITH LESS SUGAR. Of course, because we all like to overindulge sometimes, we also have PURE PORK AWESOMENESS, MADE IN AMERICA and COOKIE LOVE, for all your entertainment needs and "cheat days."

Between learning how to make lighter meals in minutes and reading up on the authentic dishes of Peru, there's so much culinary knowledge to consume this spring. At The Book Report Network, we're following our own words to live by: New season. New crop. New cookbooks.

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