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Happy #wcw! We're back for another thrilling roundup of our favorite literary heroines and trailblazers. These women are not sidekicks or footnotes in men's stories; they make their own destinies by being fearless and flawed and brave. This group has been inspiring us for a long time, and we hope to find more women in books to continue to empower us!
One of my favorite daydreams consists of picturing my future self. These reveries usually feature the same idealized-yet-somewhat-attainable portrait: Me as a 40-year-old high-powered book editor, living a comfortable life in the suburbs with a financially successful spouse, three kids and a dog. I have great friends, a strong relationship with both my parents, and manage to read a new book every week. It’s a portrait of my life that meets every criteria of success that I have ever had for myself, an idealized picture that I fully think would make me quite satisfied.
I’m a firm believer that books have a way of finding you when you need them the most. Case in point: Three months ago I graduated college with everything I had ever wanted: great school, perfect grades, amazing friends. And to top it all off, I had a boyfriend who was smart, funny, considerate and hot. The day after I graduated college, however, I found myself unemployed, living with my parents, unsure what I was going to do next --- and (here’s the nail in the coffin) single. Not exactly my finest hour. After a few weeks and still in a rather cynical and self-indulgent state of mind, I picked a copy of Kate Bolick’s memoir/biography SPINSTER at my local library, knowing little about it, but thinking that the title rather perfectly described my current state of life. But only two chapters in, that mood had completely disappeared. Not only was I utterly entranced with the messages of female strength conveyed throughout, but I also felt altered in some way. SPINSTER quite literally changed the way I thought of myself.
As we shift into late summer and cling to the sunshine before the autumn rolls in, let this week's collection of #wcw give you positivity and strength! All of our women (and girls) today are strong and independent, and are true protagonists no matter what role they're written in. Join us as we celebrate the women we're crushin' on this Wednesday, and make sure to celebrate all the women in your life!
July 29, 2015

Woman Crush Wednesday: Fierce and Fun Females!

Posted by Maya
Welcome to another wonderful week of #wcw! Most of us may be sweltering in the throes of summer, but these literary ladies know how to keep their cool! These women know how to get things done, in ways big and small. This week's roundup proves that no obstacle is insurmountable with the right amount of determination --- not to mention a streak of fierce independence! Join us in celebrating these ladies, whose boldness on the page inspires us off the page.
This week, our collection of #wcw features a diverse group of girls and women across history, genre and culture.  All have unique voices and stories to share. The females here dared to ask questions, to present themselves how they ached (or demanded!) to be seen as opposed to how society sees them, and to forge their own paths instead of following in the footsteps that lead to a much narrower world.  Ladies whose narratives expose crucial and fascinating perspectives we don’t always see make for quite a group of inspiring crushes! Their stories are creatively cultivated in ways that best suit each of them, and we hope they speak to you as much as they speak to us.
July 15, 2015

Woman Crush Wednesday: No Shrinking Violets Here!

Posted by emily
Another Wednesday, another stellar batch of women (and girls) in our #wcw roundup. Whether fictional or flesh-and-blood, these ladies are all fierce in their ambition and uncompromising in their expression. They're mold-breakers who aren't interested in being anyone's sidekick --- and aren't afraid to step on a few toes. Don't get us wrong; women can be strong and gentle, too. But today we're crushing hard on the ladies who were brave enough to defy people's expectations and do things their own way. Bonus points for being badass inspirations for the rest of us!
Have you ever received a book that changed your life? Simon Watson did, one July evening, when a musty, leather-bound book from the early 1800s lands in his lap, detailing his family history and revealing an awful lineage: Women in his family have always been able to hold their breath for extraordinary lengths of time --- like mermaids --- but they also have a knack for drowning themselves, each one of them dying in water on July 24th. But who ever heard of mermaids drowning?
Welcome to our first post of #wcw --- Woman Crush Wednesday! We here at The Book Report Network know that your 20s are a time of figuring out yourself and how this world works --- and in order to do that, no matter your gender, you can’t have just the male perspective! And all too often, that’s the only perspective that gets talked about. Women can be anything and everything! So we’ve decided to feature some awesome and inspiring ladies of literature every Wednesday, from authors to poets to the female protagonists who remind us that women are so much more than only sidekicks and love interests. We’ll share our literary lady crushes, and no matter who you are, we hope you’ll find something in their stories that speaks to you!