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Your best and worst breakup stories are in! Thanks so much for sharing with us in honor of our NATHANIEL P. contest. We laughed, we cried, we empathized (read: ate our own body weight in Ben & Jerry's) and, ultimately, we --- like those cruel gods of fate --- picked 15 winners. And just remember: Better to have loved and lost than to have never won a free copy of THE LOVE AFFAIRS OF NATHANIEL P. at all.
August 15, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Stranger Than Fiction

Posted by emily
This week's TBT, aptly titled (if I do say so myself) "Stranger Than Fiction," brings a few new voices to the Throwback Melting Pot™, in addition to some of the more familiar ones. Fellow staffers Liz and Josh have been participating in spirit since the inception of our favorite weekly series, but were finally moved (read: manhandled) to put their fond reminisces into website-worthy copy. This week, we have an existentially bewildered murderer (obviously Nikki's choice), hot prep school boys (obviously Emily's choice?), high school hookups and --- I kid you not! --- funny nonfiction. So join us, friends, old and new, as we celebrate Thursday in the sacred and (relatively) time-honored tradition of the Internet: Throwback Thursday (#hashtag!).
Hello! I’m Austin. It's my first time contributing to and I'm happy to offer my trials and tribulations on this month's blog topic --- dating, inspired by THE LOVE AFFAIRS OF NATHANIEL P. by Adelle Waldman, a novel about a young man puzzling out his romantic life in the modern day.
In honor of Shark Week 2013, we're doing picture books for Throwback Thursday Flashback Friday (read: We completely forgot about Shark Week 2013 and we're hoping you'll indulge us this one, desperate non-sequitur)! Sharks are kind of like picture books, if you really sit down and think about it --- they both come in lots of shapes and sizes (but not that many), move faster than you'd think and kill fewer people every year than pigs do? Seriously though, picture books were our earliest books, and definitely made us into the wonderfully inquisitive and thoughtful readers we are today. So join us for the ultimate throwback, brought to you at the end of the ultimate (shark) week. Also, we recommend listening to this as you read. 
When we decided here at to dedicate some time this month to blogging about dating in honor of our new favorite book, Adelle Waldman's THE LOVE AFFAIRS OF NATHANIEL P., man, did I have a lot of thoughts about digital dating (a very apt umbrella term for any kind of dating that is happening NOT in person) --- which is totally ironic because digital dating is not entirely effective for people with a lot of thoughts.<
August 1, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Too Soon to Say Goodbye

Posted by emily
Is it August already? I'm feeling just about ready to throwback to July. Too soon? Anyway, besides for early-summer nostalgia, August means major office turnover, as our great interns head back home to while away what summer they have left and get ready to go back to school. We'll miss them immensely, and hope everyone will K.I.T., as the kids say. (Does anyone SWAK anymore? Can you even SWAK an email?) So join us for Meghan's (hopefully not) last TBT post, and fellow 20Something staffer Alina's very first. This week we've got yuppie psychos, surprisingly brave hobbits and some good, old Dust Bowl poetry (which kind of feels like a meta throwback to the heatwave last month). Take a look, and share share share your faves!
This past Monday morning, Editorial Director Tom Donadio, Content Coordinator Liz Kossnar and I attended the Columbia University Graduate Publishing Course (CPC) career fair. It was a little bit of a trip down memory lane, as Liz and I both completed the six-week intensive program, three years ago and last summer, respectively. During the course, we learned all the ins and outs of publishing --- book, magazine and digital.
20Somethings understand that dating is a whole different beast for our generation than it was for our parents. With the rise of texting, the Internet, the cost of movie tickets (not to mention, the cost of a small popcorn at the movies) and pretty much everything else that leaves us penniless, it seems next to impossible for the stars to perfectly align in this day and age. Time is fleeting --- and beyond valuable --- and we move quickly. We move so quickly in fact, that online dating is the only outlet for our TKTKTKTKTKTK.*
Lots of interesting things going on this week! Royal baby George Alexander Louis was (finally) born, the weather got weird, we saw and hated the new Ryan Gosling movie and subsequently underwent a major paradigm shift and, most importantly, Kate joined our #tbt Team (our TBTeam?)! We've got a great roundup today, full of missing girls, wacky middle school humor, scary stories that'll give you nightmares and even a healthy dose of J.D. Salinger. So throw on your favorite old-school track suit because we're about to jog your memory. (Get it?
July 18, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Beat the Heat

Posted by emily
To us, Throwback Thursday is a day of celebration, of fond reminiscing, of laughter and friendship and of avoiding the sweltering outdoors in whatever ways we can. So join us as we throwback this week from the cool spots right in front of our computer screens. We've got saucy chefs (yes, that was a pun), girls learning to be true to themselves (whether that means being witches or being turn-of-the-20th-century smalltown girls) and reluctant basketball superstar dads --- really, something for everyone. So settle in next to the nearest fan and do the coolest thing you could possibly be doing on a hot Thursday afternoon --- #TBT: Books Edition!