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They say you know a person by what he or she reads. In my case and the case of all the 20Somethings who have graduated/changed careers/moved far too many times in the last few years (so, everyone right?), you know a person by the few books that have managed to stay with them for this long. These six are still sitting on the top shelf of my green garage-sale bookshelf in all the hardcover glory they deserve, stalwart bastions in the slowly losing war I’m fighting with my Kindle (so convenient, yet so impersonal).
Author Francesca Lia Block has been quite busy lately, with her latest YA book, LOVE IN THE TIME OF GLOBAL WARMING, pubished in August and the paperback edition of THE ELEMENTALS to come out later this month. As an author who writes for both adults and young adults, the line between adult and YA literature can easily become blurred, especially if the protagonist is in her teens. In this blog post, Block explains how one story can appeal to both adults, new adults and teens.
September 4, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Is It Summer Yet?

Posted by emily
We're all feeling a little post-Labor Day nostalgia over here for a summer that is hardly long past. It seems like just yesterday that we were sitting in the park, reading books and basking in the glorious summer sun. Okay, maybe it was just yesterday, but we're already feeling those back-to-school blues. So this week, to soothe our melancholy spirits, we've decided to throwback with books we read during those golden days --- when things were simpler, when the world was our sweaty oyster, when it was socially acceptable to drink Bud Light Limes in public. Because the grass is always greener --- but for real in the summer.
Most of you have probably heard something about Apple and eBook prices, even if it was just a link or two on Yahoo News. Early last month, U.S. district court found Apple guilty of conspiring with several publishing companies to raise eBook prices. While business scandals are nothing new (a company not acting in the best interests of its customers? The horror!), this one has the potential to affect how we get our books and how much we’re going to have to pay for them, so I’m letting Snowden and Syria fall off my radar for a couple days and picking apart this one for you guys.
August 29, 2013

Throwback Thursday: That’s What She Said!

Posted by emily
Hey hey hey! It's been a slow week over here at the Book Report Network, what with half the staff out on vacation, and the other half  making a huge dent in the beer stock in the office fridge (jkjkjk) --- we're one "that's what she said" joke away from a nice, long holiday weekend. But despite being seriously short-staffed, we have a really great TBT turnout for you. So check it out, and take it easy, because Labor Day is as ironically titled as ever (look it up).
August 26, 2013

Just a Heads Up...

Posted by emily
Welcome back from a weekend that was one for the books! Fortunately, for those of us over here at The Book Report Network who had friends over to play VMA drinking games (the shot-per-twerk rule was rescinded, oh, about 10 minutes in so we wouldn’t DIE), it’s a quiet, pre-holiday week in the office.
August 22, 2013

Throwback Thursday: A Case of the Thursdays

Posted by emily
Idk what's going on today, but everyone around here seems to be in a downright contemplative mood. Maybe it's the darkened city skies; maybe it's that summer's end is drawing ever closer; maybe we're all just ready for a long Labor Day weekend --- whatever it is, the Book Report Network staff is getting into some deep, dark stuff (although, rest assured, it's nothing like the deep, dark stuff that's growing on my shower floor). We've got blurred lines (the abstract kind AND the Robin Thicke kind), a hovering Cowboys quarterback cardboard cutout, more than anyone's fair share of fantasy (NOT the Robin Thicke kind) and some truly crazed sports fans. It's another TBT: Books Edition™ you don't want to miss...but you may want to sit down for.
It happened. The fateful night when the season six finale of "True Blood" overlapped with the second episode of the last season of "Breaking Bad," leaving all viewers on their toes. Over the past several years, it's come to my attention that the Sunday Night 9pm TV slot is definitively award-winning. Viewers have spent the day relaxing (Sunday Fun Day), doing all the things they don't have the time to do during their busy workday schedules.
When TBRN founder Carol attended the launch/delayed book party for ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK back in June, we knew something interesting would come of it. Carol came in the next day saying that we had to get our hands on some copies immediately. Within a few minutes, I had sent someone over to Random House (a few blocks away from our offices) to pick some up. Emily and I started reading that very night as the series was being released on Netflix in early July.
Ain’t life good now that “Breaking Bad” is back? Walter White a.k.a. Heisenberg a.k.a. The One Who Knocks and Co. kicked off the second half of the final season about a week ago, and we’re not ashamed to admit that their return kind of gives our week just the right television-axis it needs to spin smoothly (that’s a universal feeling, right?). We’re still reeling from the highly anticipated (but still no less shocking) confrontation in the season premiere, and cannot wait to see what kind of end awaits our favorite drug kingpin. “Mr. Chips to Scarface” is right, but we still can’t help rooting for Mr. White, despite all the murders and condescending speeches and consistently bad underwear choices. So in honor of our favorite antihero’s return to Sunday nights, we’ve put together a list of the top five literary villains we can’t help but root for. We’d *gladly* let any of these guys send us to Belize.