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Archives - October 2013

October 1, 2013

I’m a Slave 4 revU

Marisha Pessl’s paradigm-shifting new novel, NIGHT FILM, was all the rage late this summer. It’s part noir thriller, part psychological mystery and part meta-commentary on the way people relate to art and the artists who make it. Obviously I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to read it, so when a copy arrived at our office, I played it super cool so no one would suspect anything and slipped it stealthily into my bag (in a move that even Liesel Meminger would’ve been proud of! BOOK THIEF jokes!
Robin Wasserman's latest book, THE WAKING DARK, follows the story of a small town that is taken over by a force that causes good people to murder. Only one killer from killing day survived, and she doesn't even know why she killed...or if she'll do it again. In this blog post, Wasserman explores her insecurity with finding an idea --- or rather --- finding something to say.