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Archives - September 2013

What do TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD, ARE YOU THERE GOD, IT’S ME MARGARET and the Harry Potter series have in common? They’ve all been successfully kicked out of school libraries because some parent complained about them. Surprised? Good. You should be. This week (Sept. 22-28) is Banned Books Week (BBW for short) and we’re tackling it head-on here at 20SomethingReads.
The difference between a hero and an anti-hero is best defined, as most things in life are, by the differences between Superman and Batman. Superman battles otherworldly beings intent on Earth’s destruction and tries to cause them as little injury as possible. He’s not happy about his job, but he does it for the good of others. At night, he goes home to his loving wife and relaxes, happy to take up the role of Clark Kent. Batman spends his evenings using ancient martial arts techniques to cause as much pain possible to the poor and mentally ill.
September 25, 2013

Throwback Thursday: So Many Cheers for Banned Books Week!

Posted by emily
Happy Banned Books Week, readers! Don't you love a celebration of how stupid our country used to be (?) and how far we've come (?)? I know we over here at 20SomethingReads (and TeenReads --- check out Liz's blog post about it here) do! At the outset of this project we figured --- because we're such a subversive group of curious intellectuals --- that we'd have no problem finding books we've read and loved on the banned books list. We were shocked to learn how many of our old favorites were banned --- basically every good book ever was decried at some point. Even my sister, Jilly, who famously hates books, would find something she's read on the list. So let's give three cheers (or however many cheers you want, because society doesn't OWN us) for all the great literature that has made it through centuries of ignorance and misguided moral condemnation! Because how much lonelier would our childhoods have been without Holden, Huck Finn or (*gasp*) Harry Potter? I know you get it. Even Jilly gets it.
Hi. My name is Austin. I am looking for a job. I would really, really like to be employed. It would be great if you would hire me. I am very talented at doing things. If you hired me I would do the things you want me to do and do a good job. A really good job. Did I mention I would like to be employed?
September 19, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Long Post, Don’t Coast

Posted by emily
We have so many amazing TBT books today, I'm not even going to waste your time with some kooky intro. Suffice it to say, there's a great spread today --- as diverse as they come --- so ignore all your natural 20Something impulses not to read anything on the Internet past the second paragraph. We're worth it.
Quick. Name five female authors. Difficult? Probably not (J.K. Rowling, Suzanne Collins and Stephanie Meyer gets you three already). What about five African-American authors? Also not too tough. Now what about African-American women? Hispanics or Latinos? How about homosexual men or Asian-American women? Getting harder, isn’t it? Now name five white male authors.
Every year, it seems that a new series takes teenagers by storm. Everyone’s reading it, everyone’s talking about it, and --- surprise! --- they’re making a movie out of it. The series paraphernalia is strung up all over the mall, and it seems you can’t escape the endless cycle of movie trailers on TV.
September 12, 2013

Throwback Thursday: If I Fall

Posted by emily
Can we safely call this the first TBT of fall? Even though the autumn equinox isn't officially here, we're gearing up for pumpkin beer, sweaters, chilly nights, an out-of-this-world TV show lineup and an even better batch of blockbusters (TWO movies starring Brad Pitt AND Michael Fassbender? Yes, please!). So in this blast from the past roundup, we've covered some of the greats, from Roald Dahl and A LITTLE PRINCESS...there's something in here for everyone. Until three cheers for the weekend, enjoy!
“Romeo and Juliet” is now playing on Broadway, starring Orlando Bloom. It seems like an excellent casting choice, considering the fact that Orlando always seems to play the Handsome, Bland Leading Man --- and what else is Romeo, if not the original Bland Leading Man?
They say you know a person by what he or she reads. In my case and the case of all the 20Somethings who have graduated/changed careers/moved far too many times in the last few years (so, everyone right?), you know a person by the few books that have managed to stay with them for this long. These six are still sitting on the top shelf of my green garage-sale bookshelf in all the hardcover glory they deserve, stalwart bastions in the slowly losing war I’m fighting with my Kindle (so convenient, yet so impersonal).