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Archives - August 2013

When we decided here at to dedicate some time this month to blogging about dating in honor of our new favorite book, Adelle Waldman's THE LOVE AFFAIRS OF NATHANIEL P., man, did I have a lot of thoughts about digital dating (a very apt umbrella term for any kind of dating that is happening NOT in person) --- which is totally ironic because digital dating is not entirely effective for people with a lot of thoughts.<
August 1, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Too Soon to Say Goodbye

Posted by emily
Is it August already? I'm feeling just about ready to throwback to July. Too soon? Anyway, besides for early-summer nostalgia, August means major office turnover, as our great interns head back home to while away what summer they have left and get ready to go back to school. We'll miss them immensely, and hope everyone will K.I.T., as the kids say. (Does anyone SWAK anymore? Can you even SWAK an email?) So join us for Meghan's (hopefully not) last TBT post, and fellow 20Something staffer Alina's very first. This week we've got yuppie psychos, surprisingly brave hobbits and some good, old Dust Bowl poetry (which kind of feels like a meta throwback to the heatwave last month). Take a look, and share share share your faves!