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Archives - July 2013

This past Monday morning, Editorial Director Tom Donadio, Content Coordinator Liz Kossnar and I attended the Columbia University Graduate Publishing Course (CPC) career fair. It was a little bit of a trip down memory lane, as Liz and I both completed the six-week intensive program, three years ago and last summer, respectively. During the course, we learned all the ins and outs of publishing --- book, magazine and digital.
20Somethings understand that dating is a whole different beast for our generation than it was for our parents. With the rise of texting, the Internet, the cost of movie tickets (not to mention, the cost of a small popcorn at the movies) and pretty much everything else that leaves us penniless, it seems next to impossible for the stars to perfectly align in this day and age. Time is fleeting --- and beyond valuable --- and we move quickly. We move so quickly in fact, that online dating is the only outlet for our TKTKTKTKTKTK.*
Lots of interesting things going on this week! Royal baby George Alexander Louis was (finally) born, the weather got weird, we saw and hated the new Ryan Gosling movie and subsequently underwent a major paradigm shift and, most importantly, Kate joined our #tbt Team (our TBTeam?)! We've got a great roundup today, full of missing girls, wacky middle school humor, scary stories that'll give you nightmares and even a healthy dose of J.D. Salinger. So throw on your favorite old-school track suit because we're about to jog your memory. (Get it?
July 18, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Beat the Heat

Posted by emily
To us, Throwback Thursday is a day of celebration, of fond reminiscing, of laughter and friendship and of avoiding the sweltering outdoors in whatever ways we can. So join us as we throwback this week from the cool spots right in front of our computer screens. We've got saucy chefs (yes, that was a pun), girls learning to be true to themselves (whether that means being witches or being turn-of-the-20th-century smalltown girls) and reluctant basketball superstar dads --- really, something for everyone. So settle in next to the nearest fan and do the coolest thing you could possibly be doing on a hot Thursday afternoon --- #TBT: Books Edition!
Welcome back, readers! Hope you all enjoyed your long holiday weekend and had ample opportunity to express your freedom and wear red, white and blue non-ironically and watch the most beautiful fireworks ever (because aren’t the ones you’re watching always the most beautiful? --- there’s a casual life metaphor for you). Hopefully, you’ve slept off your hot dog coma by now, and you’re ready to get back to Telling It Like It Is business with me.
Espionage is not a new theme in the suspense genre by a long shot, but Joseph Finder puts a twist on the classic spy thriller in PARANOIA. Adam Cassidy, the bright but lazy protagonist, pulls a stunt one night that costs his telecommunications company millions --- instead of firing him, they offer him a deal: spy on the competition and hack into their undercover project or face serious time in prison.
July 11, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Sex, Love...and a Hatchet?

Posted by nicole
Hi readers! It's been a while, huh? Hope you all enjoyed your long holiday weekend, and took the opportunity to exercise all of your personal liberties (read: drink a lot of beer). Over the break our intern, Anthony, left us, and we will miss him dearly, and Carla couldn't make it in this week, so our ranks have diminished quite a bit. But time marches ever onward, and we must continue to throwback even in the face of great hangovers and great loss. Here are our picks this week:
Maggie Tokuda-Hall is the Children's Department Director for Books Inc., a group of independent bookstores in the San Francisco Bay Area. In this blog post, she gives us the inside scoop on a term you may not have heard of before, but is super important for all book lovers.