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Archives - June 2013

Khaled Hosseini can do no wrong by me. I have eagerly devoured each of his novels, feeling completely satisfied (if not emotionally drained) at their conclusions. His latest work, AND THE MOUNTAINS ECHOED, surpassed all of my expectations and quickly moved up to become my favorite book of his works, and one of my favorite books of all time.
Hi guys. Emily here, and I’m ready to begin Telling It Like It Is: Classics Edition™. I’m going to revisit some of the classics I read in high school (for class and for FUN --- because, come on, most of this stuff is seriously uh-mazing) and break them down in "Real Talk." Because, although a good classic has universal and timeless appeal, we’re modern kids with our own modern way of processing and sharing information, (I mean, how much easier would Gatsby’s pursuit of Daisy have been if he could just Facebook her?) and sometimes we need to express ourselves that way. Oh and *SPOILER ALERT* in case you haven't taken sophomore English yet.
Back in mid-April, America was being teased with pre-premiere series clips of What Would Ryan Lochte Do? Finally drying off the residual pool sprinkles from the Summer Olympics 2012, Lochte took an Olympic-sized break to film his highly-anticipated TV show on E!. While this eye candy is charming the pants off all the 20something, 30something, 40something (and so on) women around the country...he is simulatenously supplying media outlets with tear-inducing material.
We got a lot of books at The Book Report Network. In fact, "a lot" is a bit of an understatement --- we get a TON. No bragging or extreme hyperbole here. We open at least 20 packages a day, each stuffed with books in all kinds of varying genres --- from Women's Fiction, to Amish Fiction, children's picture books and an abundance of Young Adult (YA). So many of the books can easily be filtered into different categories, but every once in awhile, a book comes in solely for the 20something crowd.