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Archives - March 2013

I wrote my first story by accident.  Junior year in high school, my English teacher assigned an essay about A TALE OF TWO CITIES.  And I had nothing. I mean, total and complete blank. I loved the book --- to this day, it remains one of my favorites --- but all I kept thinking about was the voice of one cold and hungry and very brave teenage girl who wasn’t even in the book. A girl who felt much braver than me and in whose skin I wanted to live for a little while.
It had been almost a full three months without leaving NYC (since the holidays!) when a skiing trip to Vermont last Friday seemed like the most perfect opportunity to escape. Haphazardly and in typical twentysomething, last-minute style, my two best friends and I secured a rental Jeep, threw our equipment and makeshift ski wear in the trunk and high-geared it up to the mountains for some fresh air.
Spring is in the air and as we come out of our twentysomething winter hibernation (in which I for one went through my entire Instant Queue in Netflix, twice,) ready to break out a pair of shades to bask in the longer, sunnier days, it’s time to think about the one big thing associated with spring since middle school, that is...having a spring fling!
Sheryl Sandberg’s LEAN IN has been getting lots of buzz around town. Last week I felt like I could not turn on the television without seeing her talking about it! Her message about women leaning in, raising their hands and staying in the conversation has had me thinking --- and looking at the behavior of women in the workplace --- a lot these past few weeks.
After four looooooong years of waiting we’re all going to catch up with Robert Langdon on May 14th as the Harvard professor and “Symbologist” returns in the fourth installment of Dan Brown’s thriller series with INFERNO. The releases of these books always turn into  publishing events and are shrouded in lots of secrecy and intrigue of their own. Here’s what we know now.