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Archives - May 2012

If you’ve ever felt like you were born too late and you just want to get swept away in a book about a different time, these historical books might be just the ticket for you.
  Cara Hoffman is the author of SO MUCH PRETTY, a haunting novel about the disappearance and murder of a teenager in a rural town in upstate New York. Here she shares her passion for the novels by Elizabeth Hand, and how after reading them they stay with her.
Like many college students, finding the time to sit down and crack open a book is always a challenge.  Between classes, studying, and maintaining a social life, there just aren’t enough hours in the day for me to read for enjoyment as much as I would like.  Fortunately, there are the glorious days of summer and lounging by the pool to make up for all the lost time that I have wasted over textbooks.
Alexandra Monir is the author of the novel TIMELESS, which was just released in paperback from Random House Children’s Books. Her publisher has also just released “Secrets of the Time Society,” an e-book short story that serves as a bridge between TIMELESS and Monir’s upcoming novel, TIMEKEEPER. Alexandra took some time to answer our 20 Questions and share what it's like to be her for a day.
Wendy Sherman and Kim Perel, two New York literary agents have co-edited a collection of stories by 23 women writers about the first year of marriage called WEDDING CAKE FOR BREAKFAST: Essays on the Unforgettable First Year of Marriage. Here, Wendy talks about her own wedding memories, what she’s learned about marriage and what she and Kim learned from their experience editing this honest --- and thought-provoking -- book that would make a great shower or wedding gift.