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October 7, 2016

Telling It Like It Is 2.0: Allison Reviews LONER by Teddy Wayne


The Basics
Title: LONER
Author: Teddy Wayne
Published: September 13, 2016

“No matter. You had heard me reject Sara, and you had heard her cry. I was someone who had the power to wound another person.”

If this book were a song it’d be….
Bowling for Soup's "Girl All The Bad Guys Want"

If this book were a poem it’d be…
“To His Coy Mistress” by Andrew Marvell

Read this if…
you’ve ever felt like an outsider

you’ve ever read a book about a dude that felt like an outsider (bonus points if said dude was in setting with tons of other people who were actually just like him)

you feel like tv shows, novels, movies, presidential elections, etc. are too focused on men feeling impotent

you get a laugh from some nice (not corny) wordplay

Don’t read this if…
you don’t get the big deal with ~misogyny~

your biggest pet peeve is when people use excessively complicated language.

you don’t have any women who have made you feel uncomfortable who are still your friends

you sympathize with the criminals more often than the special victims of Law and Order. (doink-doink)

Unauthorized assumptions…
Lin Manuel-Miranda can’t say no to this. The nuances, man. The man is nuanced. (Hire me for Hamilton 2: Not as Dead as You Thought!)

Lil Wayne feels like he’s never experienced sexism or male privilege therefore he would say: “I thought it was over. I still believe it’s over. But obviously it’s not.”

Emma Watson sent Harry Styles this book (as they are both involved in He for She). He started reading but didn’t finish it because the main character is such a jerk and (in a strange overlap with @liltunechi) Harry Styles has never experienced people who are jerks. He thought being a jerk was over. He still believes being a jerk is over. But he know that obviously it’s not. Halfway through he was just like…. Emma is not pleased.

Malia Obama read this and secretly wants her dad to read it, but she’s also embarrassed at wanting her dad (the 44th president) to read a very graphic and disturbing sex scene.