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December 16, 2013

Buying for the Bookworm: 10 Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season


‘Tis the season to be shopping! Hey there, 20Something readers! Christmas is fast approaching. And like me, I’m sure you’re all rushing from store to store, and madly looking for those items on your holiday gifts list. Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for the booklovers in your life? I’ve come up with 10 suggestions that will surely appeal to any bookworm!

1.    For the ultimate Hunger Games fan, indulge them with this neat Hunger Games Chocolate Library. This box includes 12 chocolate bars --- each representing the industry of one of Panem’s 12 districts, like mining, agriculture, livestock, etc. Flavors include crunchy runner peanuts in peanut butter (District 6: transportation), mined salt (District 12: mining), and crispy crunchy caramel corn (District 5: electrical power). It’s quite pricey, but it will certainly be a delicious treat to give to the sweet reader in your life. May the chocolates be ever in your favor.

2.    Any accessory-loving bookworm would love anything from Out of Print Clothing. It’s basically heaven for any book fanatic, and you can buy t-shirts, fleeces, tote bags, iPhone cases, notebooks, etc. that feature iconic and popular works of fiction. I personally love their jewelry section, which I believe they just started to produce. These beautiful pieces of jewelry can be great stocking stuffers. You can buy a necklace with a charm that resembles Boo and Scout from TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD or the story of ALICE IN WONDERLAND, best friends necklaces inspired by THE GREAT GATSBY or, my favorite, Holden Caulfield’s cap in THE CATCHER IN THE RYE

3.    For the writer who is having trouble getting his or her own work started, this Ready! Set! Novel! Writer’s Workbook will sure get his or her creative juices flowing. This handbook helps you through the process of planning, producing and setting up the development of characters, conflicts, setting and other details crucial to successful storytelling. This step-by-step handbook will certainly defeat that cursed writer’s block and help your writer friend or family member succeed!

4.    For the bookworm who needs a little inspiration, this book called YOU ARE SO LOVED by Chronicle books (click here for a coupon) features gorgeous pictures from photographers and visual artists around the world that make up prints emphasizing how truly wonderful you are! These prints include fun sayings or just words of encouragement! It’s a great book to show that bookworm how special he or she is to you!

5.    For the pop culture junkie bookworm, make sure you check out this cool book by TCM host, Robert Osborne, called 85 YEARS OF THE OSCARS. This book chronicles film’s most prestigious awards ceremony, from where it all began in 1928 to the present.

6.    For the music fanatic bookworm, take a peek at this awesome scrapbook called THE BEATLES: The BBC Archives. This book is full of Beatles goodies --- capturing their careers with documents, photos and memorabilia.

7.    For the mystery-obsessed bookworm, make sure you buy them one of the hottest books of the year --- S. by JJ Abrams and Doug Dorst. This book is a story within a story. Two strangers leave notes in the margins and strike up an unlikely friendship as they try to figure out together the meaning behind a mysterious author’s last novel, THE SHIP OF THESEUS. It’s a novel that will definitely get your bookworm friend sucked in, spending hours in his or her room reading.

8.    For the romantic bookworm (or the diehard Jane Austen fan): Check out JANE AUSTEN: Seven Novels. Yup, all seven completed works of Jane Austen in one book! This is part of Barnes & Nobles’ exclusive leather-bound collectible editions, and it’s totally worth the money ---  because who can ever actually get tired of Austen’s PRIDE AND PREJUDICE or SENSE AND SENSIBILITY? This book is a great keepsake for any bookworm!

9.    For the YA bookworm, point him or her in the direction of the cinematic adaptations of his or her favorite YA series, such as The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare (in stores now) or Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (available December 17th). Both will be out on DVD in time for the holidays.

10.    Any true bookworm’s reading wouldn’t be complete without a mug by his or her side, sipping the (preferably hot --- but no judgment!) beverage of his or her choice. I think this mug best sums up our reaction when anyone is rude enough to interrupt our reading, don’t you think?                                                
That concludes my list of ideas for all those booklovers out there! I hope a couple of these ideas eased some of that frantic “I have no clue what to get so and so” mindset! But remember, whatever you buy for that special someone, he or she will it love. It’s the thought that counts! Happy holidays, 20Something readers!