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June 24, 2013

Starry Eyes for TIGER EYES


After watching the limited release Tiger Eyes, based on the Judy Blume novel of the same name, I got to reminiscing. The name Judy Blume has been out of my cycle of readable authors for a while now, but after watching the film I wondered why. I loved Judy Blume growing up --- and even read her for girl questions and advice, which I found more than enough of in her novel FOREVER.  But as I got older, Blume disappeared, or maybe I let her go as part of my “growing-up” phase.

I've seen a lot of movies this month, but thanks to this one I feel like I got a piece of my childhood back. Don’t get me wrong --- I love Google and Vince Vaughn, but next to Tiger Eyes there’s just no comparison. Tiger Eyes, directed by Lawrence Blume (Judy’s son) retells Blume's story in the smartest, savviest way possible. The film is impeccable, smart, well–directed and cleverly makes the story fresh while staying true to the novel. It’s upsetting to think that films like Tiger Eyes are only released to limited audiences,  while silly films --- like The Internship and This is the End --- are what our society watches and gives revenue to.

Judy Blume’s novels were an awesome read growing up because she wrote stories that were effortlessly relatable, especially for teens looking for answers to questions no one wanted to ask out loud.  But, after reading TIGER EYES now in my 20s, I have come to realize that I could be 50 and still be captivated by Judy Blume. No one knows how to “grow-up” or “come-of-age,” and in TIGER EYES these key questions mixed in with love, alcohol and life lessons create a novel that holds value and wisdom for people of all ages. So for those (as I did) who thought Judy Blume’s novels were for teens only, it’s time to pick up any of her books and be pleasantly surprised by how timeless and relevant they are.