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March 20, 2013

IT’S YOUR MOVE: The Trials and Triumphs of Dating Through Literary Consultation


Spring is in the air and as we come out of our twentysomething winter hibernation (in which I for one went through my entire Instant Queue in Netflix, twice,) ready to break out a pair of shades to bask in the longer, sunnier days, it’s time to think about the one big thing associated with spring since middle school, that is...having a spring fling!

And to propel all the twentysomething women out there into a spring fling state of mind, there's a new book that is sure to bring out your best flirtatious self --- Nick Savoy’s IT'S YOUR MOVE.

When the book was talked about in the office, all of the twentysomething women on staff jumped at the chance to read it...and Carol was sure to get enough copies to go around. Not that we necessarily need the help (c'mon ladies, we're NEVER going to admit to need help,) but a guide by which to date could surely never hurt. With that said, we dropped almost everything to learn about the hints, tips and tricks on "how to play the game and win the man you want."

Savoy begins the book with the male perspective on dating. Having started the popular Love Systems dating bootcamp, Nick is an expert pick-up artist, responsible for bestowing dating confidence and ensuring relationship success for thousands upon thousands of love-hungry men. After explaining the Love Systems process and explicitly telling us what men really want and why, Nick turns the tide, and breaks it down to the nitty-gritty for a woman to achieve happiness in her love life. Whether you're looking for Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now (Carol got a kick out of the latter phrase), Nick gives us tips on almost every aspect...from attitude (be sexy and confident, but not overly sexy and confident), appearance (longer hair always fares better with men and they have NO opinion on your lipstick) to how to pick up men at the bar (standing is always better than sitting), how to successfully navigate online dating (be choosy with what pictures of yourself you post online and never lower your standards) and what that vague, unexpressive and punctuation-less text from your man really means (come on, we ALL have over-analyzed those!).

Nick's advice may not be for the faint of heart as his opinions can easily be interpreted as the final word on everything dating-related. Rather, his advice should be taken at face value and ought to be read as a collection of tips, not as a guidebook by which one must follow every little step to attain “a perfect love life.”

I picked up a few helpful pointers along the way, chose to glance over some of his suggestions and ultimately finished the book with a more informed and well-rounded view on to navigate the world of romance, short --- or long --- term. Check out more about IT'S YOUR MOVE and let us know what you think below.