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March 18, 2013

Anticipating INFERNO...


After four looooooong years of waiting we’re all going to catch up with Robert Langdon on May 14th as the Harvard professor and “Symbologist” returns in the fourth installment of Dan Brown’s thriller series with INFERNO. The releases of these books always turn into  publishing events and are shrouded in lots of secrecy and intrigue of their own. Here’s what we know now. INFERNO takes Langdon to the cultural heart of Italy and deep into the mystical world of Dante’s literary masterpiece of the same name. Langdon once again finds himself befuddled by religious icons, puzzles, symbols and mysteries that have been left unsolved for generations. Dante’s poem serves as the basis for a riddle that has the potential to change the course of the world forever.

Want more clues? From now through Monday, March 25th Brown’s publisher, Doubleday is celebrating the tenth anniversary of  THE DA VINCI CODE by offering free eBook copies that have the prologue and first chapter of INFERNO in them. Nice promo that they are sharing the 2003 enduring favorite (in case you missed it) to tease 2013’s future favorite.

It’s strange to think that it’s been a decade since that publishing phenom came out; eReaders were rare, expensive and clunky. Your cellphone was mostly a device to make and receive calls --- you probably were not SMS-ing your BFF...on your Motorola RAZR.

So slide to unlock your digital reading devices and download the free copy of THE DA VINCI CODE in the next few days to get a glimpse of what lies next in the cryptic world of Robert Langdon.