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April 18, 2012

20 Questions: A Day in the Life of... Grace McCleen

Posted by tbrmaureen

In THE LAND OF DECORATION, 10-year-old Judith McPherson is persecuted at school for her beliefs and struggling with her distant, devout father at home, but finds solace and connection in a model in miniature of the Promised Land that she has constructed in her room from collected discarded scraps. Author Grace McCleen recently took some time out of her schedule to share her methods of creation with us.

What time did you wake up?
About 10:30

Did you make your bed?
I never make my bed.

Where did you spend your day?
In a restaurant in South Kensington

Who did you see/call?
No one.

How many times did you check Facebook or Twitter?
I'm not on either.

Did you respond to reader mail?
I don't get any.

What did you do on a book project today?
I wrote a few more paragraphs.

How did you procrastinate?
By leaving my room at all when I could have written better there.

What did you accomplish?
Not much!

What did you want to accomplish?
A lot.

What was the weather?
Cloudy, sunny

What were you wearing?
Leggings, trainers and a mohair jumper

What did you read?
I'm reading THE CROSSING by Cormac McCarthy at the moment.

Did you listen to music, if so what?
Yes! This was the happiest part of the day. I listened to High Heel Sneakers by Tommy Tucker, Son of a Preacher Man by Dusty and Jesamine by the Casuals.

What was the healthiest and unhealthiest thing you ate?
A salad, and brioche

Did you exercise?

What was the best part of the day?
Listening to the music

What was the worst part of the day?
All of the rest

Any surprises today?

What device did you use to answer these questions?
My macbook air