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April 2, 2012

20 Questions: A Day in the Life of...Jamie Ford

Posted by tbrmaureen

Jamie Ford, author of HOTEL ON THE CORNER OF BITTER AND SWEET, recently answered our 20 Questions, and shared some of his favorite things --- including a note from a reader saying how much they loved his novel, MOTEL ON THE CORNER OF SWEET AND SOUR.



What time did you wake up?
5:45 AM. Today is my daughter’s birthday. I had to get up early to start the rice cooker. She wanted Spam fried-rice for breakfast.

Did you make your bed?
Not until about 10:15 AM. I went back to sleep after my kids were off to school. Zzzzz...

Where did you spend your day?
In my home office, then all over town: Target (birthday stuff), the local music store (new drum heads for my son), Sam’s Club (prescription vitamins or anti-psychotics, who can really tell?), and Cold Stone Creamery (more birthday stuff).

Who did you see/call?
I ignored my phone for most of the day and hung out with my imaginary friends. Then had an early birthday dinner at home with Leesha and the kids, sister-in-law, two-year-old nephew, random strangers that happen by…

How many times did you check Facebook or Twitter?
Facebook: Twice. Twitter: Too often to count. I tweet back and forth with friends throughout the day. It gives me something to do while driving 75 mph through school zones.

Did you respond to reader mail?
I did. One was an inquiry about the film rights to Hotel. One was requesting a call-in to a book group for the blind (I said yes). The rest were the normal mix of, “Your book made me cry,” “There’s a typo on page...” and “I love your book, Motel on the Corner of Sweet and Sour. Will you help me with my homework?”

What did you do on a book project today?
I wrote a chapter of the new, untitled novel. Then I read a bit from a memoir of an artist who grew up in Seattle during the 30s (where/when my new book is set). Great for researching locations, street vernacular, cost of everyday items during the Great Depression, etc.

How did you procrastinate?
I’m doing it now.

What did you accomplish?
I finished a scene in the new book. And I gave my daughter a lovely samurai sword for her birthday. I also taught her how to spin a butterfly knife. (We’re raising our daughters to be alpha females, mother’s lock up your sons).

What did you want to accomplish?
I really, really, really, wanted to buy a painting by NY artist Molly Crabapple. The piece is from her Shell Game series, entitled The Business of Illness. But she’d already sold it. Picture me sad.

What was the weather?
Festive with a slight chance of hangover.

What were you wearing?
Jeans. Purple shirt. Black Kenneth Coles. My Elvis costume was at the cleaners.

What did you read?
For research: SKETCHBOOK: A MEMOIR OF THE 30s by William Cumming For pleasure: HABIBI by Craig Thompson (graphic novel) For my “Guys” book group: TINKER, TAILOR, SOLDIER, SPY by John LeCarre

Did you listen to music, if so what?
Lots of whiny white-boy music: Death Cab for Cutie, The Fray, Dashboard Confessional, Scars On 45.

What was the healthiest and unhealthiest thing you ate?
Healthiest: An organic banana. Unhealthiest: Muscle Milk (not the aforementioned Spam). I know, protein shakes might be considered healthy, but nothing with Maltodextrine Crystalline Fructose, Medium Chain Triglycerides, Cellulose Gel, and Alkalized Cocoa Powder can rightfully be considered good for the human body. But hey, it’s gluten free. Also, milk free.

Did you exercise?
Just my brain. Feel the burn.

What was the best part of the day?
Playing Fruit Ninja with my daughter Kassie in the backyard. With a real sword and real fruit.

What was the worst part of the day?
The, “Aw, crap I forgot to do that 20 questions thing” moment.

Any surprises today?
We went to the local animal shelter (just to look) and ended up coming home with a new dog. The kids all wanted to name him Cthulhu (Lou for short), but we already have a dog named Zuzu, so we’re worried they’ll get confused (the dogs, not the kids).

If you think of a great name, let me know.

What device did you use to answer these questions?
A Ouija Board.