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March 23, 2012

Part II: Erin Duffy, author of BOND GIRL

Posted by tbrmaureen

Erin Duffy, author of BOND GIRL, recently answered our 20 Questions: A Day in the Life of..., which you can read here. Now, she's back to answer some of your burning questions about her reading habits and her favorite book discovery of the last year.

How You Shelve Your Books:
By size. They are stacked on my book shelves from tallest to shortest, which works aesthetically but it’s probably not the best way to keep them organized. The fact that my Zagat’s guide is currently next to F. Scott Fitzgerald’s TENDER IS THE NIGHT really doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

What’s On My eReader:
Don’t yell at me, but I don’t use eReaders! I don’t know why but I prefer to read actual books. I like the tactile sensation of actually turning the pages. I’m old-fashioned I guess!

Book Fix: How to Satisfy Your Craving:
Browsing in stores, the library, attending events, blogging or whatever you do to satisfy your book craving

I browse Amazon a lot to see what is out and what people like.  I find the reader comments to be really useful.

What My Book Club is Reading:
Right now we are reading WICKED by Gregory Maguire. I live in New York City so I have been lucky to enough to see the amazing play on Broadway. I am really pumped to read the book and see how they were able to translate the concepts in the novel to the stage.

What I Like to Read:
I really like historical fiction, where I feel like I learned something. I loved the book THE DEVIL IN THE WHITE CITY about a serial killer operating in Chicago during the World’s Fair, and I read a book a few years ago called BECOMING MADAME MAO, which was about the wife of the Chinese dictator. HAVANA NOCTURNE about the rise of the mob in Cuba before Castro took over was also a great read.

Which Book(s) Can You NOT Stop Talking About?:
THE ART OF RACING IN THE RAIN. This book came out a few years ago but my God how I love it. I had dogs growing up, and love them so much, so any story from a dog’s point of view is automatically a hit with me. The fact that this book is at once sad, funny, tragic, and uplifting is an amazing accomplishment. And it’s so smart. Who thinks to write about what goes on in a dog’s brain? One of my favorite books of all time, hands down.

Under-rated Books:
I read a book called I LOVED, I LOST, I MADE SPAGHETTI by Giulia Melucci that, at least among my circle of friends, a lot of people hadn’t heard of. It’s about a single woman in New York cooking her way through heartbreak. Maybe it’s because I too am a single woman in New York, or maybe it’s because I really like to cook, but I loved this book. She actually gives you recipes with hysterical titles like, “Mitch’s Mother is a Yankee Pot Roast” and my personal favorite, “No Nookie Gnocchi.” If anyone out there is a lover of Italian food, culture, and likes to cook, this book is for you!

eBooks vs. Print Books: My Story:
Print books. I like a hardcover book. I like to hold it, to feel the pages in my hand, and I also have a really cool silver book mark from Tiffany I received as a gift that would be useless with ebooks!

Roundup: What Was Your Favorite Book or Author Discovery of the Last Year?
Okay, this one is embarrassing because to say she is a discovery of mine just tells you how stupid I can be. I had the extreme pleasure of meeting Marisa de los Santos at a book conference in Florida. She is hardly a discovery; I mean, she has been on the New York Times Bestsellers List more than once. She is a very big deal. She also happens to be one of the nicest people I have ever met and I immediately went home and purchased her new book called FALLING TOGETHER. It’s about friendships and how they change as you enter different stages of your life. I loved this book, and the fact that I also can say I met the author makes it my absolute favorite discovery this year.