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February 28, 2012

20 Questions: A Day in the Life of…Erin Duffy

Posted by tbrmaureen

After a 10-year career on Wall Street, Erin Duffy left the world of high finance and wrote her first novel, BOND GIRL, about a young woman trying to establish a career during the 2008 financial meltdown on Wall Street.

In this post, Erin shares some facts about her every day life, and gives some insight into her writing process. Don't forget to check out our review of BOND GIRL, here.

1. What time did you wake up?
I’ve been trying to have structure because otherwise I’m worried that I will start sleeping until noon and staying up until 2:00 a.m. like a vampire. My alarm goes off at 7:30 every day, which is basically sleeping in for me!

2. Did you make your bed?
No, unless you count picking throw pillows up off the floor and tossing them on the bed. However, if my mother is reading this, I ironed all the sheets and made my bed with hospital corners.

3. Where did you spend your day?
I spent most of it in my apartment. I live in New York so obviously it isn’t very large. I switched back and forth from the couch to the table where I usually write. What did people do before laptops? Being able to move around and still work on my computer is huge!

4. Who did you see/call?
I spoke to a few friends and to my manager on the phone. I speak to my siblings basically every day on email, and a friend of mine from Wall Street stopped by after work. My apartment is on the way home for her so sometimes she drops in on her walk to the subway. I love it when she does.

5. How many times did you check Facebook or Twitter?
I have to admit that I am not very active with social media. I’m a little scared of it but I’m trying to get better. I have never been on Twitter but I usually check Facebook once a day.

6. Did you respond to reader mail?
Well, I’m still new to this so I don’t have any reader mail really! But if anyone wants to write me, you bet I’ll answer!

7. What did you do on a book project today?
I outlined the next chapter that I want to write. I know what it’s going to be about now, so I’ve been playing with different ideas surrounding that in my head.

8. How did you procrastinate?
I went to the grocery store, and then watched TV for a little bit. Truth be told, I’m a massive TV buff. I could sit on the couch and watch it all day and never get bored. I force myself to turn it off, though, so I don’t get sucked in! Today I watched for about two hours.

9. What did you accomplish?
I wrote a few blogs! I’m really enjoying the whole blogging thing; it’s a lot of fun and I find I am actually learning a lot about myself answering the questions. The topics can be all over the place, so it keeps me from being bored. I love it.

10. What did you want to accomplish?
I originally wanted to actually write the next chapter instead of just outlining it, but for whatever reason, it wasn’t coming easily so I decided to wait. If it’s not working, I think you need to be able to stay away. Forcing it will never end well.

11. What was the weather?
It’s February in New York so it’s cold! But it hasn’t snowed so I can’t complain. We have had a pretty mild winter so far.

12. What were you wearing?
Jeans, a black sweater, and leopard print ballet flats. I try to make sure that I get dressed every day because I think working in sweats or pajamas will depress me. Just because you don’t have to go to an office doesn’t mean you don’t have to work, and mentally I think getting dressed every morning is important.

13. What did you read?
The New York Post. I read it every day, I love it!

14. Did you listen to music, if so what?
I listen to the radio. I’m a huge fan of Z-100. I like all the popular radio music, Rhianna, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, all of that stuff.

15. What was the healthiest and unhealthiest thing you ate?
I had yogurt with berries for breakfast which was pretty healthy. I felt good about that. However, I have a massive sweet tooth and later took down about forty chocolate-covered pretzels. You can’t be healthy all the time!

16. Did you exercise?
Yes! I have a gym in my building and find exercise to be a big stress reliever. I try to go about four or five times a week. Sometimes more, sometimes less, but I try.

17. What was the best part of the day?
I got to catch up with one of my best friends from college who lives in Philadelphia. Our schedules are very different so any time we can get ten or fifteen minutes to speak in person instead of emailing is always great.

18. What was the worst part of the day?
I discovered that I watched everything I had on my DVR. That is the worst! I record a bunch of shows that I watch religiously, and when I don’t have anything new on the recorder I get upset!

19. Any surprises today?
Hmmm. No, today was a pretty uneventful day, which I guess isn’t a bad thing. I’d rather that than an unpleasant surprise!

20. What device did you use to answer these questions?
My laptop! I just got an iPad that I am quickly becoming obsessed with, but I still find typing easier on my actual computer.