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Nicole Baart


Nicole Baart

Nicole Baart lives in a small town in Iowa and is the mother of three young sons. After the adoption of her second son from Ethiopia, Nicole discovered a deep passion for global issues and co-founded a non-profit organization, One Body One Hope, that works alongside a church and orphanage in Monrovia, Liberia. Nicole was the co-author of Glenn Beck's bestselling Christmas novel, THE SNOW ANGEL.

Books by Nicole Baart

by Nicole Baart - Fiction, Mystery, Women's Fiction

When Jessica Chamberlain’s phone rings one quiet morning, her world is shattered. As she tries to pick up the pieces and make sense of what went wrong, Jess begins to realize that a tragic death is just the beginning. Soon she is caught in a web of lies and half-truths --- and is horrified to learn that everything leads back to her seven-year-old adopted son, Gabriel. Years ago, Gabe’s birth mother requested a closed adoption and Jessica was more than happy to comply. But when her house is broken into and she discovers a clue that suggests her estranged husband was in close contact with Gabe’s biological mother, she vows to uncover the truth at any cost.

by Nicole Baart - Fiction

I have something for you. When Quinn Cruz receives that cryptic text message from her older sister Nora, she doesn’t think much of it. They haven’t seen each other in nearly a year, and their relationship consists mostly of infrequent phone calls and an occasional email or text. But when a haunted Nora shows up at the lake near Quinn's house just hours later, a chain reaction is set into motion that will change both of their lives forever. Nora’s “something” is more shocking than Quinn could have ever imagined: a little girl, cowering, wide-eyed and tight-lipped. But before Quinn can ask even one of the million questions swirling around her head, Nora disappears, and Quinn finds herself the unlikely caretaker of a girl introduced simply as Lucy.

by Nicole Baart - Fiction, Women's Fiction

The lives of two people who will never meet weave together, linking the past to the present, when Dr. Lucas Hudson is called to act as a substitute coroner in a suicide case. When he discovers another, hidden body, along with a mysterious token, the first domino is set in motion as he strives not only to solve the mystery, but also to heal his broken marriage to his true love.

by Nicole Baart - Fiction, Women's Fiction

When Danica Greene’s pilot husband disappears during a trip to Alaska, Danica begins a desperate journey to find him. But when she learns that her husband wasn’t flying alone and that a woman is missing too, she is forced to search for the truth in her marriage.