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Archives - May 2019

Interview: Kaira Rouda, author of The Favorite Daughter

May 23, 2019

The perfect home. The perfect family. The perfect lie. That’s the intriguing tagline of Kaira Rouda’s latest domestic thriller, THE FAVORITE DAUGHTER, which is set in an upscale Southern California community. In this interview, conducted by reviewer Rebecca Munro, Rouda introduces us to the book’s main character, Jane Harris, who is determined to refocus on her family after the loss of her oldest daughter the previous year. She explains what attracts her to write about narcissists and why she’s a big fan of unreliable narrators, her decision to “break the fourth wall” in this novel, and how she has used technology (which, she points out, “is completely overtaking our lives”) to her advantage as she’s plotting out her chilling, page-turning stories.