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Archives - August 2012

Interview: Vaddey Ratner, author of In the Shadow of the Banyan

Aug 9, 2012

The atrocities committed in Cambodia during the Khmer Rouge regime will go down in history as some of the vilest abuses of human rights. Emerging from the stranglehold placed by Pol Pot is author Vaddey Ratner, whose debut novel, IN THE SHADOW OF THE BANYAN, is poised to take the literary scene by storm.

Author Talk: Jennie Fields, author of The Age of Desire

Aug 3, 2012

In her latest novel, THE AGE OF DESIRE, Jennie Fields tells the complex story of Edith Wharton and her beloved governess, Anna Bahlmann. She charts their relationship through Edith's passionate affair with a young journalist and describes how even a lifelong bond can be threatened by the very nature of love. In this interview, Fields talks about Edith and Anna's troubled friendship, Edith's love of Paris and what the city meant to her, and how Edith herself influenced Fields' own writing.