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Kris Calvin


Kris Calvin

A former local elected official, Kris Calvin knows politics from the inside out. She lives minutes from Sacramento, capital city of California and has been honored by the State Assembly and the California Governor's office for her leadership in political advocacy on behalf of children.

Educated at Stanford and UC Berkeley in psychology and economics, Kris loves mysteries and thinks there's no better way to achieve work-life balance than to stumble upon a corpse, unravel the relevant clues and find the killer (so long as all of that happens between the covers of a good book).

Kris Calvin

Books by Kris Calvin

by Kris Calvin - Fiction, Mystery

A beautiful legislative aide is found stabbed to death in California's Capitol building. Maren Kane, a lobbyist for a fledgling Sacramento-based toy company, is in the midst of a legislative fight that could make or break her career. When police arrest Maren's colleague for the crime, she's certain they have the wrong man. The cops suspect a crime of passion, but Maren knows that money and power drive all things tragic and scandalous in the capital. Will she be able to prove her theory --- and free her friend --- before she becomes the next victim?