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Grant Ginder


Grant Ginder

Grant Ginder is the author of THIS IS HOW IT STARTS and DRIVER'S EDUCATION. He received his MFA from NYU, where he teaches writing. He lives in Brooklyn.

A few summers ago, on the train back to the city from a wedding, a friend of Grant’s pulled out three bottles of Pinot Grigio that he had managed to snag from the reception, and they proceeded to finish them in about 45 minutes. And, as the train winded its way toward Manhattan, the friend turned to Grant with glossy eyes and said, “Okay, guys, people we hated at the wedding: go.” The next day, Grant started writing.

Books by Grant Ginder

by Grant Ginder - Fiction

Paul and Alice’s half-sister, Eloise, is getting married. There will be fancy hotels, dinners at “it” restaurants, and a reception at a country estate. They couldn’t hate it more. THE PEOPLE WE HATE AT THE WEDDING is the story of a less than perfect family. Donna, the clan’s mother, is now a widow living in the Chicago suburbs. Alice is stuck in a dead-end job where she is mired in a rather predictable, though enjoyable, affair with her married boss. Her brother Paul lives in Philadelphia with his tenured track professor boyfriend who eyes undergrads. And then there’s Eloise, who has spent her school years at the best private boarding schools and a post-college life cushioned by a fat, endless trust fund. To top it off, she’s infuriatingly kind and decent.